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Sticky Notes is free software that enables you to place virtual sticky notes on your Windows desktop and set up quick reminders. With free Sticky Notes, you can easily store, organize and share all of your important information.
Sticky Notes helps you become more productive by keeping the information you need at your fingertips. The program offers useful options to easily edit, organize, share, manage and instantly access your desktop notes.

Sticky-Notes lets you store and organize a huge number of notes in a simple way. With the notes manager you can effectively access, store, organize, and sort sticky notes.

Need to record your ideas, addresses, phone numbers, web links, and other information? Sticky notes make it easy! You can create as many notes as you like, efficiently organize them on your desktop, change their size and color, and share them with others.

With Sticky-Notes, you won't miss any event again. Just create a new note and set up a reminder with a couple of clicks. The reminder option offers full customization and complete configurability, including different alarms, snooze and repeat options.

Sticky Notes Overview

Whether you are working on a project, report or presentation, planning a revision, gathering data on the web, need to write down information, or set a reminder, Sticky Notes helps you with it. The program makes it easy to take and organize notes for work, home and school. Download and install Sticky Notes to have it available for quick note-taking and create notes without interrupting your work.

With all of your information at your fingertips, Sticky-Notes enables you to share your notes by sending them online.

To work with your notes on different computers, install the program on a flash drive and run it on any computer.

Sticky notes

- learn more about Sticky Notes features and latest releases

Latest release - Sticky Notes 1.121,

What's new in Sticky Notes v.1.121:

Added the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + R to randomly change the color of the selected note.
Improved the Background image option. Now you can select image position and use jpg, bmp, gif and icon files as the background.
Added hotkeys to make text bold(Ctrl + B), italic(Ctrl + I), underline(Ctrl + U) and strike out(Ctrl + Shift + S) selected text.
Added Ctrl + D hotkey combination to open the font settings window.
Hide and show Notes Manager with Ctrl + Alt + M.
Added possibility to show selected notes by double click or pressing Enter in Notes Manager.

Tips for getting started with Sticky Notes

Monday, December 11, 2017 
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